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A Word from the Pastor
Happening In September:

National Hunger Awareness Month

September is National Hunger Awareness Month. When we turn the TV on, or open the internet, we almost always see something about starving children in other countries. What we do not see and hear very often is that there are children and adults hungry right here in the United States, right here in Dallas. For us the in the US, hunger does not always mean going without food, but it means going without proper nutrition. This means that even those who fall into the obese category can be considered “hungry.” Maybe hungry is not quite the right word for it—a better phrase is probably “food-insecure.” Forty-nine million Americans lived in food insecure households in 2012. For most households, food insecurity is a measure of food access problems, anxiety and poor nutrition, rather than "missing meals."

Children who are food insecure lack energy and focus which makes it difficult for them to get a good education— no matter how good their teacher is. For adults, it makes it hard to focus at work and have the energy to do well at work.

This month, the church will do several things to participate in National Hunger Awareness Month.


The Hunger Games

It is the Men vs. the Women again… The last food drive competition we had, the men took the win at the last minute. Will the women claim victory this time or will the men become two time winners? Starting September 2nd, boxes will be between the nursery doors. Women, please fill your box with anything in a box and men, please fill your box with anything in a can.

CROP Hunger Walk Donation

On September 28th, we are asking everyone to bring a $1 donation (or more if you wish) to coffee fellowship to go towards the Dallas CROP Hunger Walk. 75% of the proceeds from the CROP walk will go to Church World Service and their fight against hunger in the world and 25% will stay right here in Dallas at Stewpot Community Services as they provide thousands of men, women and children with hot meals, groceries, clothing, shelter, childcare, mentoring and other programs to nurture them and help them get back on their feet.

Tango Tab

                Nick Marino from TangoTab, a Dallas based organization fighting hunger in a unique way will be here on September 28th during Coffee Fellowship to us about how we can participate with them  to feed hungry people right here in Dallas.

Come and See Central Christian Church
Central Christian Church is more than just a church; it is an invitation. Jesus Christ loves all and joyfully accepts those who wish to follow him. Why should a church ct any differently? Jesus said to his followers in John 1:39, "Come and see." We want all to come and see what Central Christian is all about because that's the only way to do it.

Whether you are a man or woman, hopeful or despairing, healthy or afflicted, rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, parent or child, Democrat of Republican, married or divorced, sinful or really sinful, you are invited. We are an invitation to those who reside somewhere in between, those unsure of themselves, and those who want answers. We are an invitation to those who identify with none of these labels because frankly, we don't believe our church can be labeled either.

Come and see what Central Christian Church can do in your life through the example of Jesus Christ.
Come and worship with a diverse community that neither judges nor excludes.
Come and heal emotional scars in a safe, spiritual environment.
Come and grow in your faith in Christ and in your love for others.
Come and discover what makes God so great and deserving of our praise.
Come and experience the transformative power of God's love and mercy.

Central Christian Church invites you to come and see.
2013 Year in Review: 150th Anniversary of Central Christian Church